Making Sports Safe For Women and Children

Jason Whitlock famously went off on what he calls “Cyber Humans”. He says they’re waging a war on all other humans. A war he calls the “most one-sided in history”. I understand this war. I’ve been in the middle of much of it, especially since getting involved with Football. Football in America has become about […]

Mom, Apple Pie, Football & Disney

The new Star Wars movie is close to setting box office records, but Investors just yawn. This morning some Analysts are trying to explain why and, of course, their answers range from ESPN’s Subscriber problems to nobody really getting that Disney Management is so good ESPN’s problems won’t last. So, yeah. Nothing’s changed. Nothing except […]

Beyond the Sidelines

In my early days writing about Sports I used to joke that I was one “leaked” porn clip away from a Sideline gig. But then YouTube got all Family Values and I gave up on the dream. My first forays into Fan Forums I got the usual “Go make me a sandwich”s. But I would […]