Care Sports Sales, Marketing & Advertisement Network

After lengthy testing of numerous Ad Networks, I’m not prepared to recommend any that I can say without reservation Content Creators, Site Publishers or Advertisers should rush out to sign up with.

So I’m starting my own.

It will be, as you probably expected, collaborative in nature and shared revenue in structure. As with every other element of my projects, this isn’t to create some huge profit center. It’s to make sure New Media progresses on the right track.

That track doesn’t currently exist.

So I’m creating it. What else is new, right? 🙂 My approach hasn’t changed in years. Give those in the various Biz’s their shot and if they produce, perfect. If not, go create the solutions.

This is no different. And, of course, it’s entirely different from anything else out there. We’re going to create a whole new acronym for Advertising. CPR–Cost Per Return.

A comprehensive approach that puts the capability to close sales where it belongs. The point closest to the Customers. Those who already have the Consumers and Small Businesses. That’s why the Ad Networks want access to your sites. They just don’t want to treat you right. They don’t want to pay you fairly and they don’t want to treat you with the respect you’ve earned by putting so much time into building your relationships, facilities and marketing tools & resources.

This is no typical Cost Per Action or Cost Per Sale. This is Cost on Final Return on Sales. Meaning you the individuals closest to the Customers can decide how you want to proceed and at what price point you need to close the sale.

If you need the ability to offer specials or discounts, that’s factored in. If you want to stick with list prices, you can do that to. If you wish to offer future discounts, a form of online layaway, there’s that as well.

You’re the ones who will still have to face the Customers if they’re not happy. You turned them on to the purchase in the first place. That’s why ongoing Customer Support is also yours. These are your Customers.

You want them to keep coming back. So why would you ever hand them off to someone else who may or may not treat them right?

And for certain, why would you inject a faceless Ad Network that just wants to take money from you, your Customers (Readers, Viewers, Site Visitors) and the Advertisers for doing nothing more than creating an electronic link and then acting like you don’t even matter.

So we’re doing this right. I’ve already evaluated the basic ad network software and systems platform. I’ll be opening it up to everyone later this month.

Then we’ll be building additional features on top. Enjoy. And relax. New Media is finally working out the right way. Not a continuation of the abusive way.